Monday, August 29

Everyone's doing it!

I blame MJ. Her really cute tube sock she's making for her husband has inspired me to knit a sock. Well, 2 socks eventually. I desperately need a ball winder, though, because winding 100 yd of sportweight yarn is not my cup of tea. So my ball of yarn looks like catyak.

This is another image of it, kind of sitting next to the oval catyak ball of sportweight yarn. I'm using 50 sts on size 4 needles, and for some reason, k3p2 is more interesting to me than k2p2. I think it's that one has to think a tiny bit with the k3p2, but not so much with k2p2.

And this final one shows the pretty pretty k3p2 ribbing. What a pretty color! I'm thinking I want to do an afterthought heel, and I'm going to try to do the 'piggy toes' from the Twisted Sisters sock book. Hard? Sure, but I *heart* toe socks. Just ask the KWA gals about my cow toes! (I had to show them off -- I really like the cute pink-toed cow-spotted socks.) If I can make my own toe socks... look out world! Here come my toes! The ones I can re-knit if they wear out! Woo hoo!


Leisel said...

Well, why didn't you say something? My ball winder was just a hop skip and a jump away from Stratfords, and you could've come over to use it when MJ had her photo op.

Kathy said...

Yay, socks!! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally take the blame - but I have to blame Felicia who got me totally sock obsessed!! it is the Instant Gratification of socks!! Thank you Felicia!!!


Felicia said...

Holla! I can bring my ball winder anytime as well.

Know what-- I'm going to drop it in my knit bag, so it will always be handy!