Friday, August 5

Books: Knitting books from my aunt

While on vacation, my aunt Sharon gave me a bunch of her books; in addition to a few on celtic knotwork and crafts of ireland, she gave me the following:

Fishermen's Sweaters by Alice Starmore
The Celtic Collection by Alice Starmore
Classic Designs (ARCO Publishing)
Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti
Patterns for Guernseys, Jersey & Arans by Gladys Thompson

They're all old and somewhat dated, but if you cover up the models' hair, some of the sweaters are really nice. :)


Felicia said...

Do bring the books if you are coming tomorrow. I need a new hairstyle!

Maus said...

DANG, those are some pricey books! Be glad you didn't buy them off Ebay cause you probably could have gotten a working car for it :) Great catch!