Wednesday, November 23

One more post...

I've got laundry on, and we're going out with our friend for dinner, but I thought I'd upload my 'double happiness' scarf pictures. I call it 'double happiness' because of the chinese character used on wedding invitations, and the Noro (japanese, I know) that brings me such happiness.

If one skein of Noro Kureyon is happiness, two is "double happiness".

It's a simple scarf, and yes, I know one end has ribbing, and the other seed stitch. I'm not undoing it after it's been bound off. So :P

Benny likes it, and that's what counts.

The saddest thing you'll see today...

And the happiest post-surgery cat you'll ever see. Stefano needed surgery on his ear -- he had a hematoma and it was very sad. His ear was swollen up almost so his ear filled the whole ear-hole. We took him to the vet, and at 9 years old, they had to do extra blood work to make sure it was safe for him to go under anasthaesia -- he's only had to do so once before, around 8 years ago, for his neutering.

Needless to say, I was worried about him all day on Tuesday.

He's fine, and feeling like himself (he was trying to stalk Murrie this morning), but he looks so sad in his collar, with his ear all sewn up. He's convalescing on the sheepskin we bought last week. Rotten thing that he is.

Monday, November 14

Yarn Crawl!

So, Saturday was our first group Denver Yarn Crawl. I need to get pictures of all I bought, but it was lots of fun. I enjoyed myself. Even after Leisel *AND* AntiKathy drove the wrong way on a one way street. :D

Here are the places we went:

String: Nice. Cute. Arranged by color, with a lot of cascade and brown sheep yarns in the back room. Some Noro. Some silk yarns. A bit spendy

A Colorful Yarn: Um. They had large 'pucks' of yarn, but I wasn't comfortable in the stuffy basement store. I *did* buy the pattern I had seen elsewhere that I wanted, though.

Recycled Lamb: Small shop, but they have roving and they had a couple of looms hanging out in the shop. This is where I bought some of my cute buttons.

Aurora Yarn Supply:Awesome prices, strange selection, cone yarn.

Showers of Flowers: Lots of selection. Much of it icky. This was the only place I didn't buy anything at all from.

Saturday, November 5

So what am I going to do today?

Well, I *did* get this yesterday in the mail...

I may dye some yarn today, which I enjoy, although Ben's only working until noon today, and he needs a haircut (and lunch). But it's here for me to dye when I want to, that's the good part. :)

Cute Dog Pics - and Why I'm not at Knit Group this morning.

I was trying to get a picture of the 'dead dog' pose, but I knocked the camera lens against the window, which woke her up.

Here she is under her favorite tree, next to her dog house.

And here she is hanging out next to the back door, waiting for me to let her in.

Ok, so here's why I'm not at knit group this morning. I woke up late, and the house was cold. I remembered Ben said he needed his jacket, but there was no mention of ... SNOW.

I kinda wondered why the dog was still in the house, too, but she went out after I asked her twice if she wanted to go out. Then she gave me this look. "You know this is cold, right?!"