Monday, August 8

Feelin' Woozy

I shouldn't have taken that Advil Cold & Sinus this morning. Now I feel achy *and* lightheaded. Or I should've eaten something. Or not had that cup of coffee... I'm not sure which was the worst decision. So I'm at work, kind of working. Spacing out, mostly.

I've had "the plague" since Sunday morning, so hopefully I didn't infect anyone else. If so, I'm sorry. I didn't know I had the plague. I thought I just knit too much on Saturday and that's why I was tired and achy on Sunday. :D


Maus said...

Oh I'm sorry you're feeling off, it really sucks for knitting and stuff. hope you get better soon!

Felicia said...

Me too. I'm also hoping you'll feel better soon.

Do what I do. Just drink tequilla first thing in the morning. NO worries about feeling dizzy. You'll just be drunk.

Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

I've decided to take tomorrow off, so hopefully, I'll be well soon enough. I plan to sleep all day tomorrow.

I've been so wiped out, I can't even knit! But my knitpicks order shipped, yay.