Wednesday, August 10

Allergies... it must be allergies

I felt so much better after it rained last night, it was uncanny. So, armed with Claritin (no more of that pseudoephedrine stuff for me) and a good attitude, it was off to work with me today. I'm about to finish the last 6 rows of grey and start into the stripes on the front of the hoodie (Yay!).

Yes, I will be knitting at work. Why? Because it's Company Picnic Day, and no one's at work but the NOC (my group) and Customer Care. As long as nothing breaks, there's not much for me to do.


Anti Kathy said...

So where do you work, anyway? I know you're a geek (I heard you talkin about knitting in the NOC the first weekend we all met you), but never seem to get a chance to talk geek-speak with ya. Are you even a Unix geekette? That would ROCK. I'm glad you're feelin better!

Anne said...

Yes it probably is allergies.

I HATE the way ALL allergy meds make me feel so I never take them, I just suffer. You know it's REALLY bad when I break down and actually take something, which I did yesterday. The worst I have felt in YEARS drove me to it!

And yeah the meds made me feel almost as bad but in a different way....


Leisel said...

How could I not have found your blog before? I must be dense or something.

Pseudophedrine is the most useless drug on the face of the planet. A few years back, another drug that actually *GASP* worked was taken off the market because it was linked with some strokes. Now nearly everything is Sudafed based, and as such helps me not one whit.

You should've seen me in Yellowstone... where the nice rangers (I was thinking docs on call who will give me drugs that work, but more like EMT's... with, um... no helpful drugs) were called in to help because I COULD NOT BREATHE through my nose at ALL (if I ate or drank something, I felt like I was being suffocated). And I was taking just about everything out there (that wasn't pseudophedrine based, either). UGH!