Thursday, August 18

Things I've learned about knitting...

1. Stockinette will curl. There are edge treatments you can do to force it flat, but it wants to curl.
2. Knitting looks like ass until you're done with the first 5 rows. Don't judge yourself too harshly on the first few rows.
3. Gauge matters. Really.
4. Knitting is very calming, and somewhat mind-engaging as well. Great for a cross-country trip.
5. Knitting is better on Saturday mornings.

Speaking of Saturday morning, I'll bring the Wool of the Andes for anyone to swatch with for eris.

1 comment:

Felicia said...

Gauge should be a four-letter word. And you're right- it counts. In large amounts.

Except I never bother to gauge for socks.

All knitting does look like ass for at least the first couple of inches or so. If only there was a magical way to get past those first few rows. There isn't, and the rest of the knitting fun is the reward we get for not giving up immediately after casting on!