Monday, August 1


I had been living with Ben for about a year and a half, and we had talked about getting Stefano a friend. We jokingly said that the new cat would have to be named "Murray" because that's what Stefano kept saying when he talked to the house. We weren't looking for another cat specifically at the time we found her. We were shopping for a Christmas gift for Mrs. Benny's Mom. The kitchen store was next to a pet store, and the humane society was out with puppies and kitties. He saw the muted calico and said "I want that one." We went shopping, found what we wanted, and we went back outside. A quick trip to the ATM later, and we had a tiny kitten who was doomed with the name "Murrie".

She's still rather petite, but she loves to stretch out. Kelly (my friend from down the street) was watching them while we were on vacation, and freaked out because Murrie likes to lay on her back, and as I tell Murrie all the time... CATS DON'T LAY LIKE THAT!


Felicia said...

Funny, how when people aren't looking for a cat, one appears! That's also why I have two!

Dear Murrie, I scratched your tummy with my mouse. I don't know if you could feel it through some cyber-magic, but a cat on it's back, with that much tummy showing-- that's a tummy which needs scritching!

Kiri said...

Ha! You're right, Murrie and Lucy do look alike :) It's funny how most of us knitters have atleast a cat. I used to think I'd be the only knitter without one, but then along came Lucy.
Nice projects you've been working on, by the way! Still workin' on the knitting content at my place ;)

Take care!