Tuesday, January 24

Now here's an 'a-long' I can really sink my teeth into...

Project Spectrum - Brainchild of Lolly from LollyKnitting Around

Y'all all know how much I love color. The concept is that you can make (or not make) a project in the color of the month. No pressure!

March - Red and Pink
April - Orange and Yellow
May - Green
June - Blue
July - Violet / Purple
August - Neutrals / Black & White

With all of my crafty interests, I think it'd be fun to try to do each month in a different medium. Knitting, spinning, leatherwork, quilting, sewing, chainmail. Maybe some mixed media comprising more than one of my crafts.

Thursday, January 12

My first hand-spun plied skein

44 yards of way overspun yarn plied. I don't think that's looking too bad for my first skein. :)

Monday, January 2

It's a New Year already?!

Ugh. It's been a busy, busy holiday season. I went to visit my mom for Christmas, and it was exhausting. I had to swap shifts with my cohort on days to get the privilage of having Christmas off, and am paying for it by working 7 days straight. [Day 5 is today]

I must've been a good girl last year because Santa-Benny brought me:

One of these:
garage door opener
One of these:

And some of the hair of these things:


And off this worm's back:


My mom gave me some Philosophy soap in peppermint:

And gift cards. My youngest brothers got me a denim apron and a cookbook with recipes sorted by occasion (which is awesome, btw). All in all, an awesome Christmas, and spent with family.

So, I start the new year working (and I can't sleep well on nights before I work, I've found), and wishing I was spinning. All those lovely fibers....

I've been knitting, but not often enough for my taste. I can't really knit on days that I work, since my days are 10 hours long (plus commute). Mom had me knitting a garter-stitch scarf out of some boucle she bought (first it was 'cast on for me, i'm not good at it' then it was 'just the first row' and finally 'I'd ruin such pretty yarn', as if one can 'ruin' garter stitch.), so I didn't get much further with my Irish Hiking Scarf (which I believe is about 10 repeats from being done). I need to post pictures, I know. I need to post more to my deviantart account as well. Some from vacation, some from here. I won't have much time until Thursday. And Thursday, the plan is to relax.

Calgon, take me away! :D