Friday, April 14

Ok, so Bad Blogger! *handsmack*

I figured since I'm "not busy" right now, I'd have a little time to update this thingy over here.

First - We made our first Henry's Attic purchase last week. Anxiously awaiting the results, as that means more yarn to dye.

Second - I hit the knit wall a couple weeks ago with March's Project Spectrum colors. I just can't do... pink. Admittedly, I've got a pair of socks on the needles in Lorna's Laces "Bittersweet", but it's not pink, it's RASPBERRY with orange bits!

Third - No, I don't have SSS, I've got the toe of my second sock for me on one set of dpn's, and the almost-finished Benny sock on the other set.

I'm at work today (on my day off), so I figured now was a perfect time to check in. Photos to commence laterly.