Monday, August 1


We've wanted a Shiba Inu since before we knew what one was. Ben saw one in a pet store and asked what it was because he thought it was cute. We did our homework, and last fall, we drove to a breeder in Kansas to get the Nulla-dog. She was one of two left -- they had 2 litters 2 weeks apart, and there was one girl left from each litter. Nulla and Willow. When we got there, they were running around, chasing each other (as pups will do). I picked up Willow (a sesame), and she just kept on wiggling. I put her down, and Ben picked her up, and she did the same thing. I reached down and picked up Nulla, and she quieted right down. I put her down, and she was running around again, and Ben picked her up, and she was quiet again.

She's been fixed, and she's 17 lb of muscle from running around her back yard. She loves the kitties. She kisses them, and chases them around the house. She's eaten all of their good toys, and pulled apart their wooly bullies. But she's a sweet dog, and a happy dog. She gives kisses (sometimes a bit too much) and tolerates being held and snuggled on (not bad for a 1yo shiba!)


Felicia said...

Well, hello, Nulla! Pleased to meet, you. . .hoped you guessed my name.

There I go again. That's what happens when I listen to the Stones and typed at the same time! How sweet of your mom to introduce you to everyone! I hope to get to meet you in person the next time we are fortunante enough to have a knit puppy party!

*you look very spoiled. As if there is another way to be!

Felicia said...

Uhhhh. I can't speeel to save my life. Sheesh.