Wednesday, August 24

Not a single knit stitch

I haven't knit a stitch since Sunday. I've been so busy with work and then when I get home, we go out... sigh. These sleeves will never get done at this pace! Waaah!

At least it's Wednesday. I work Sun-Wed, with Thur-Sat off. (Although I came in an hour early today because the 3rd shift dude has the plague.)

Yay! It's my Friday, and while I have some bathroom painting to do tomorrow, hopefully there will be enough downtime to pick up the needles again so I can get this thing done before knitgroup on saturday (which, this week, is RIGHT BY MY HOUSE, yay!).


Felicia said...

1. Forget the painting, knit!

Are you going to bring the puppy??? I want to meet her, I luv puppies!!!!

Kathy said...

Tag, you're it! Details on my blog. :)