Friday, August 26

Name 6 of your favorite songs

Ok, ok, I got tagged by Kathy on this one.

"Baby Seat" by Barenaked Ladies: "You can't live your life in the baby seat. You've got to stand on your own, don't admit defeat."

"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz: we picked up the exclusive ITMS Wordplay EP while waiting for his new album to be out. It's a sweet, simple love song.

"Another Postcard" by Barenaked Ladies: Any song that has chimpanzees in it is obviously cool. :D

"U Can Look"" by Jump, Little Children: I saw them in person at SXSE, and at a couple places in Augusta. They're cute, this song is sexy-cool, and it's just a great song.

"Elevation" by U2: It's just a great song, and works well for driving. How can you not sing along? El-e-va-tion!

"All Around Me" by Savage Garden: similar sexy-cool vibe as U Can Look, and Darren Hayes is Cuuuuuuute. My aunt and I saw Savage Garden in concert in Atlanta, and this was the only song that wasn't on the album they had out. I ended up buying the Australian import CD to find it.

I actually have a 7th, because I *have* to include him on this list,

"Let Love Be Your Energy" by Robbie Williams. It's a great happy song, and fits with me like "I'm Yours" and "Baby Seat".

Now I have to figure out who to tag...

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