Monday, August 1

Christmas! (already)

So Ben & I (while at my oldest brother's wedding) made plans with my family to have Christmas in Colorado this year. Mom called on Saturday while I was out drinking coffee, so I gave her a call back, and we talked about Christmas -- she's been on-call for all of the other holidays this year, so she's already put in for it. I called my oldest 2 brothers (I have 4 of them, 2 college-age, 2 teenagers) and reminded them of this decision, as I couldn't remember if they had been informed during the 48 hours we were all together.

We need more beds. Bedrooms, we have 5 of. We have 3 guest beds (a double, and two twins), and a sofa now, and my supacool Pier 1 loveseat that converts into a bed. Not quite enough for my mom, Buck and Jen (my new sister-in-law), Jeff and Sara (girlfriend who we've invited), Matt, and Travis. Even if Sara doesn't come, we're still one or two beds short.

I'm actually looking forward to having a big Christmas this year -- we had one when we moved into the house with all of Ben's family (both parents, both sisters, both brothers), then a quiet one last year. We'll do another brined turkey (Yay, Food Network) and maybe some fondue one night... it'll be tons of fun. :)

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Felicia said...

Christmas in Colorado is always wonderfully sweet. WE may have some snow, probably not. It may be cold, probably not. The best thing I always remember about being a kid in Colorado during Christmastime-- if Santa brought us bikes-- WE COULD RIDE THEM!

Your family will have a great time here, that is for sure.

It's never to early to start planning-- one minute it's August, the next-- Decemeber 1st!