Saturday, November 5

Cute Dog Pics - and Why I'm not at Knit Group this morning.

I was trying to get a picture of the 'dead dog' pose, but I knocked the camera lens against the window, which woke her up.

Here she is under her favorite tree, next to her dog house.

And here she is hanging out next to the back door, waiting for me to let her in.

Ok, so here's why I'm not at knit group this morning. I woke up late, and the house was cold. I remembered Ben said he needed his jacket, but there was no mention of ... SNOW.

I kinda wondered why the dog was still in the house, too, but she went out after I asked her twice if she wanted to go out. Then she gave me this look. "You know this is cold, right?!"


Kathy said...

Glad you're okay! Was wondering about you this morning.

Would you believe it was 50 and sunny when I left my house this morning? It was snowing like hell in town, but was a gorgeous fall day at home.

I love, love, love, love the Nulla pics. If you ever decided to get rid of her (yeah, right, like that would happen), I'll take her!!

I still owe you a Needlemaster cord, too. Do you remember what length?

Maus said...

Hehe, wasn't that a freak storm kinda? We went out hiking in the swirl of things and had a lot of fun/ By the time I had to go to work it was all gone and calm. Still a bit snow on the ground though this morning.
Your dog is cute as a button!