Sunday, October 9

I knit funny.

I stayed late yesterday at knit group because neither Kathy nor I wanted to go home and do stuff. So we hung around and hung around.. Bryan showed up for a little while, and then left. Kathy had a question about her yarnovers (which she was doing as YO + K1), and I taught her three new things:

1. How to make a slipknot without using an entire lap. (She had been using the same technique since she was 8. It worked, but having another way can be cool, especially if you have a dog or cat in your lap.)
2. The knitted cast-on.
3. The Cable cast-on.

She was doing the long-tail cast-on, and when her 2nd finger went down, her middle finger went up... the flip-off cast-on.

I also verified what I had assumed for a while... I knit funny. I drop the yarn up and over my knit stitches, instead of coming up from under them. My purls are similarly backwards. But it works for me. The fabric comes out looking the same.

I'm trying to teach myself how to "pick" instead of "throw" today, though. Just because I think it's faster, not because my throwing is weird. I can throw the other way 'round (which I did when demonstrating to Kathy), but it's slower for me to do.

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Felicia said...

Anne Modesit says it the best-- it doesn't matter how you knit, so long as you get the desired fabric in the end!

I knit weird (something in the way my stitches mount the needle!) so often, when people show me stuff, I have to reverse it.

As a result of my weird knitting, I actually prefer to purl, rather than knit. I purl faster than I knit.

In the end, she who dies with the most FO's wins! Wins what, I don't know. No one ever finishes those statements.