Monday, November 14

Yarn Crawl!

So, Saturday was our first group Denver Yarn Crawl. I need to get pictures of all I bought, but it was lots of fun. I enjoyed myself. Even after Leisel *AND* AntiKathy drove the wrong way on a one way street. :D

Here are the places we went:

String: Nice. Cute. Arranged by color, with a lot of cascade and brown sheep yarns in the back room. Some Noro. Some silk yarns. A bit spendy

A Colorful Yarn: Um. They had large 'pucks' of yarn, but I wasn't comfortable in the stuffy basement store. I *did* buy the pattern I had seen elsewhere that I wanted, though.

Recycled Lamb: Small shop, but they have roving and they had a couple of looms hanging out in the shop. This is where I bought some of my cute buttons.

Aurora Yarn Supply:Awesome prices, strange selection, cone yarn.

Showers of Flowers: Lots of selection. Much of it icky. This was the only place I didn't buy anything at all from.

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phoenix_anew said...

I found your blog through Sockbug's site ...
I have been wanting to dye my own sock yarn for a while ... but I'm a bit intimidated to do it on my own!
Maybe we could get together sometime and you could help me out?
I've really been wanting to get together with other knitters ... Especially sock knitters ... :)