Wednesday, November 23

The saddest thing you'll see today...

And the happiest post-surgery cat you'll ever see. Stefano needed surgery on his ear -- he had a hematoma and it was very sad. His ear was swollen up almost so his ear filled the whole ear-hole. We took him to the vet, and at 9 years old, they had to do extra blood work to make sure it was safe for him to go under anasthaesia -- he's only had to do so once before, around 8 years ago, for his neutering.

Needless to say, I was worried about him all day on Tuesday.

He's fine, and feeling like himself (he was trying to stalk Murrie this morning), but he looks so sad in his collar, with his ear all sewn up. He's convalescing on the sheepskin we bought last week. Rotten thing that he is.


Leisel said...

Tuesday must've been the day. We had Chianna spayed then, too, so she's also wearing a lovely e-collar.

Maus said...

awww, hope he gets better soon, he looks a lot like my late Minky :(