Monday, September 26

Last one tonight -- the autumn colored laceweight

880 yds of laceweight takes *FOREVER* to wind back into a pretty skein.


Leisel said...

Wow. It's so interesting how different it looks drying and then all skeined up. Very nice!

What kind of dyes do you use? I want to do the laceweight I ordered from KnitPicks in fall colors... maybe for a Lace Leaf Shawl.

Anne said...

MINE! That one is MINE!!!

Taryn said...

i'm trying to figure out how best to get some nice self striping going on like you have here once i finish the untangling... any tips? i was gonna go for parting into 3 skeins and dyeing each a different colour, but then there is the one long skein approach. you did such a good job, they came up beautifully!

Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

Liesel, I used jacquard acid dyes. I kinda followed directions that were in the twisted sisters sock book.

taryn, these were dyed in the skein. more or less randomly. for true self-striping, you need a MUCH BIGGER skein (the book I have on self-striping yarns says 40 feet), and you need to pay attention to where you're putting the dyes.