Wednesday, September 21

I've only been knitting since April

While I was checking on my current order, I looked back to see approximately when I started knitting. I ordered the Stitch'n'Bitch book on April 2. If we consider that it takes about a week to get books from amazon, I started knitting on April 9th. 4/9/2005. Yes, April of this year. What do you mean I have too many finished objects to be knitting not even 6 months yet?

Harrumph! I'm going back to knitting Ben's socks.


Felicia said...

You rock! On Sunday, we all gave you mad knitter props-- you've taken to knitting like a fish takes to swimming! There is no such thing as too many finished objects.. .

One cool thing about you, dahhhling. You're not afraid to try something. Many people never step out of the box, and will only knit potholders for the rest of their lives (or the One Skein Wonder!)

What's the worst that could happen? You try something new, it doesn't work out? Or, you bring it to knit group and we all make it work. I've improved a lot and learned a lot of nifty little tricks from knit group in the last four months.

Imagine all the stuff you'll have done and will know this time next year. . .

Knit away, knit away. The more you knit, the more yarn you must buy.

Kathy said...

Felicia stole my thunder. I was going to say "you rock!".

I can't believe you haven't been knitting very long. You are a natural!