Tuesday, May 23

Secret Pal 8

Yay! My first package came today! I had an awful day at work, and checked the mail on a whim (because Ben usually does that) and voila!

Ok, so I went a little nuts with the smudge tool in Photoshop Elements. But as nice as it is unopened, let's see what's inside!

Pastaza! More Pastaza! Good 'n Plenty's, a CUUUUUTE handmade card, and a felted bag pattern. MMmm... felted bag. I feel like my mother who only makes garter-stitch scarves, but I loves me some felted bags! [edited to add] I hoped y'all would overlook and not covet my noro. Mine! Mine! #134, iirc. :D

So, here's one close-up of the stitch markers and the cute handmade card:

And here's one of the card itself (which I thought worthy of a close-up, as it's gorgeous). And dragonflies! My ibook's name is dragonfly, so this is rather awesome. :)

Thank you, secret pal! You made my Monday!


Lisa said...

So, um, Christy....you forgot to mention that wad of NORO right in the middle! What? You think we didn't NOTICE?????

Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

I was hoping you wouldn't notice. My noro! Mine mine mine! So what if I have a drawer o' noro? :D

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I made your Monday. The next box will be going out in a couple of weeks and it will be... interesting. :)

Your SP