Tuesday, May 23

Project Spectrum: May: Green!

I'd show you the FIRST bowl I made, but the cats like to sit on it too much, and I can't get them to move long enough, even though it's too small for them... and the 2nd one I tried was too big, but they love that one, too. So here are the 2 baskets that they didn't get to sit on or in (this technique is addictive, let me tell you!)

One of them is for my 'pocket stuff' -- my badge, my keys, etc. when I get home. The other... I'm not sure. Both were made from Manos del Uruguay, although the olive one had more of those cool thick-and-thin bits before felting. I'm thinking I want to make one with size 8 needles to give it some excellent texture, but enough strength without felting. I still have about 42-46 grams of each 100g hank of manos, too. I'm plotting more baskets, maybe one with contrasting i-cord edging...

I've got another cat bed on the needles, 10.5's this time, and only 190 stitches MCO (so 380 stitches total). Noro Kureyon on the top, grey cascade 220 for the bed part. Hopefully this will be the Goldilocks bed -- the "just right" one. :)

This weekend, I'll be headed to the Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival with my husband and my brother, who's in town. It'll be fun, I'm sure.


Brie said...

Those are very cool baskets!

Enjoy the fiber festival, we'll miss you this weekend.

Lisa said...

Yep...mine is definately screwed up. Thursday, B&N---be there :)