Monday, October 3

4 yarn shops...

LYS Rankings!

I've now been to all 4 yarn shops in the area, so I think I can rank them now.

Number One: Table Rock Llamas. Surprised? I didn't think so. They're my favorite. They don't have a whole lot of anything, but they have a lot of what they have. Tons of Cascade 220, and lots of Pastaza (mm.... felting). Plus, they're really friendly, and the store is comfortable. Oh, and they carry not only acid dyes, but natural dyes as well. And spindles! Beautiful handpainted spindles!

Number Two: Green Valley Weavers & Spinners. Bright, well lit, and more Lamb's Pride Bulky (and Worsted, but I usually get the bulky) than you can shake a stick at. The sock yarn room is cool, too. But it leaves me sometimes wondering "where's the rest of the store". They carry dyes, but oddly enough, they carry procion mx (which is fiber-reactive, and mostly used for cotton) as well as the jacquard acid dyes (for wool and silk, although I've had some fairly good results with silk and the procion dyes).

Number Three: Needleworks by Holly Berry. A little close and cozy, a little higher priced. They have Rowan. This is where I got my $#@*^ Addis. [No, I do not like addis. the points are too blunt on the ones I have (10.5's), and I can't get the needle into the stitches.] They have some interesting yarns, in colors that I love.

Number Four: Knitter's Kove. For some reason, it seemed more disorganized than the others, and it seemed full of all sorts of novelty crap. A full third of it seemed to be Mirror FX, fizz, some sort of cording, etc. They have some roving and unspun fibers, but most seem to be in bags, not begging to be petted. I *did* buy some noro (kureyon) and pastaza, and I *did* get the sheep butt measuring tape, but it took a lot of looking to find what I wanted.

New Technique!

Oh, and I tried the 2 circ thing yesterday. I had to start my new bag, and I didn't have my dpn's. I picked up both of my 10.5 circs on the way out the door, though, thinking I'd have it enough done to transfer it onto one or the other of them. Got to work, no dpn's (as I had cleaned out my bag looking for something), and so... 9 stitches on 2 circs sucks. 18, too. 36, not so bad. 72's ok. I'm hoping to graduate to one circ soon.

2 circs left me with ladders worse than with dpn's (although I tend not to get ladders on dpn's) until I started treating the circ ends like dpn's, putting my "new" needle over the old needle and under the new one. I like the way a needle sandwich keeps the stitches close. Of course, I do the *yank* on the first and second stitch which doesn't hurt, either. I'd still rather have a good set of dpn's, though.

More yarn!

I rewound the blue-green skein last night, and started winding the SKEIN FROM HELL (the 40' one, with peach to pink to grey). I got discouraged around 10:30, 20 minutes into winding (and untangling), so it sits in a chair waiting for me to get back home. I still have to wind the rainbow lace... and take pictures, and put it on the crazymonkey website (so I have something to sell). I need to buy more 'blank' yarn, too. This is so much fun!


Leisel said...

You forgot Wooly Works Knit shop.

Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

oh yeah, that one.. that's not open except by appointment... I didn't include it because it's never "walk in after parking your car" open.

Kathy said...

Hey, that's how I rank the yarn shops, too! :)

Can't wait to see your new yarn!

My verification 'word' is "xdddx". Hmmm....that's different.

GaiaGal said...

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back later on today when i have some more reading time!!


Anne said...

Wooly Works IS open regular hours Monday thru Friday. You have to call on Saturdays and sundays only. And their "in town" location is open 7 days a week....

Felicia said...

Do you want to make a deal on your size 10.5 Addis???

I'm cheap and easy... I'll give them a good home if you want to part with them.

Excellent review of the stores. I still need to get to the Llama store.

Knitter's Kove is at the bottom of my list, strictly because I hate her prices. Then again, we all know that about me.