Sunday, December 31

Looking Forward...

2006 was a rough year, and while some knitting got done, not enough of it did.

2007 will have more knitting, and less drama. The knit group's going to do a knit-along for the Knitpicks Fair Isle Cardigan. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to participate because of extenuating circumstances, but my adorable husband made sure that I'd be able to knit along with everyone.

Along with another lens for my camera, Christmas brought the Barbara Walker Treasuries of Knitting Patterns (all 4), and a larger hard drive for my ibook. Mom sent us Home Depot giftcards and we had 2 of my brothers for Christmas. They were argumentative, as usual, but it was mostly verbal. I think because they're now the same height (at 23 and 18, it's been a long time coming), they're less prone to duking it out. It was fun, though, and we went to the zoo with my brothers for the lights on the 23rd. We were snowed in for much of their visit, but all went pretty well (until our trip to Best Buy, where my brothers followed me through a 7" deep puddle (when I was wearing my 8" tall boots)).

I spent Thursday night at work, then was in a hotel Friday morning and Saturday morning (which work paid for). I went home early last night, and slept in my own bed --and slept IN this morning, otherwise I'd have woken up in time for knit group this morning. We're meeting again tomorrow (first meet of the new year) , and I'm looking forward to the new year.

What I want to get accomplished this year: the cardigan, a top-down raglan for me, and maybe another sweater for the husband. Oh, and more socks. I have a pair on the needles for Ben that need to be finished.


MJ said...

Less drama would be good!
I like the new look of the blog!

Brie said...

I like the new look. Easy on the eyes.

Agree...less drama will be good.

Sounds like you had a very good Christmas.

My wishes for a wonderful new year!