Sunday, October 22

Post deleted. Settings changed.

I'm very sorry that fingers got pointed at MJ. MJ has more class than to leave anonymous comments that are only hurtful.

I know who anonymous was, she knows who she is, and she hurt me, not just because of her comments, but because she would do this, after I invited her into my home, not once but twice. Because I made her a special present for her birthday. I spent a few pleasant afternoons after knit group with her, and enjoyed her company. I showed her other ways to cast on, other ways to deal with sock toes and heels. I thought she was my friend. And the fact that she hid behind an 'anonymous' posting just frustrated me. As if I don't know who has been into my house, and who is leaving snarky comments on the blogs of the people in the "new group". People she obviously wanted kicked out when she hid behind someone else's skirts when KWA went "no spinning" and the "you will meet here, no exceptions" post came out.

Anonymous poster: Constructive criticism is done privately, and when asked. When it's done publicly, unprovoked, it's just hurtful.

I don't know what caused the mudslinging. I want the same thing as most of us. I want the drama to stop. I want the bitchy 'anonymous' comments to stop. It's childish. It's rude. And it's unwarranted. No one in the 'new group' leaves snarky anonymous comments on the blogs of those who are leaving snarky anonymous comments. I've stopped reading the others' blogs, for the most part. Only when I run out of blogs in my bloglines do I even glance that way (and I usually don't leave a comment, as I don't really have anything to say -- log cabin blankets are nothing new to me, as I was a quilter before I was a knitter, and the endless parade of socks start to look the same after a while).

I've been knitting on my Jaywalkers while everyone else sniped. I've been spinning my shetland fleece. I'll take pictures when I have the inclination.

I just hope that the childishness will stop. I don't really want anything to do with the 'other' group. I miss MJ. I told her so privately, and apologized privately before this public apology. I want the sniping to stop. I want the people who just comment to hurt my feelings to just leave me alone, and stop leaving anonymous comments.

I've turned moderation on, I've turned off anonymous comments. I'm tired of the anonymous crap. If you don't have the backbone to leave a comment under your OWN blogger or google sign-in, and if you don't have the common courtesy to knot when to just leave people alone who don't want to associate with you -- and who you've proven you don't want to associate with -- I don't want to hear about it.


Yarngirl said...

I'm sorry to hear someone else has gone through something like that. Hopefully things will settle down. I've had people leave nasty anon comments and turned on moderation myself awhile ago - I've also had to keep records of their visits to my blog for my protection - it's not what you think of ever having to do when you begin a Knitting blog, is it? Good luck with all this - it can be very fustrating and upsetting and I hope you're past the worst part now.

lorinda said...

Just goes to show you that every group has people who like to stir up trouble. Good to hear you are taking proactive steps and not letting it stop you from doing what you love--connecting with friends (real ones) and fiber art.

Brie said...

Ouch, Christy. Hope things get better for you on this front.

Karen said...

Ugh, there's always some in every group. Most of the time they seem to be the really nice ones until you find out they've been talking behind your back. Keep your chin up.

purlewe said...

Seems like every group has a perso (or two) that causes growing pains/hurtful comments of some kind. I am sorry this happened to you.. but I know that as a group you will be better able to spot and stop the next instance just b'c you've seen it happen once.

wishing you better knitting group days ahead.