Sunday, October 8

I'm such a dork!

I resisted the last time I was in the llama store, but this time, I couldn't. My resistance was down, and I decided I would knit ... this.

It's on the cusp of being dorky, but I think it still lies in the 'cute' realm (and I'd wear it to knitgroup, or out and about running errands). I bought the sweater pattern and the yarn to go with it (Cascade 220 in similar colors), although I have to find my 6's and 8's before I can begin.


Ellen said...

It is not dorky at all. I think it is way cute and very appropriate. Was it not that I already have a million-billion-gazillion projects waiting to be knit, I might also have knit this sweater.

Karen said...

I like the sheep. I don't think it's dorky either.

Maus said...

not ---- dorky!!!
I think its awfully nice, have been eyeing that one for a while myself :)

Kir said...

No fair!! You can't caqll it dorky at all if I'M doing it too!!! lol *blushes and cuddles her pattern. Besides I know for a fact we both picked very stylish yarn for this sweater. ;) hee hee.