Wednesday, September 27

I do what the voices in my head tell me to.

Or so my t-shirt says today.

So far, I've spun about half of the green/blue batt (I'm on my second bobbin), and have been drafting the silk cap (2 layers down, 8 to go) in preparation for spinning. I'm still doing the *'pull from the middle' thing with the silk caps, because finding a cap on the edge is less reliable for me.

I'll try to remember to get pictures tonight; last night I was too busy spinning to stop and take pictures! I've got to remember to take a picture of the "rest" of the batt before I finish spinning it. It's a lovely blue/green/cyan set of colors. I went all 'Jackson Pollock' on the dyed batts, and the colors blended well when I wrapped it up and steamed it.

* Reach into the top of the 'bell', pull at the center until you have 2 layers. Versus trying to pry up an edge which may or may not get me a whole layer.

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