Thursday, September 14

Happy Post-Birthday to me :)

Look. Shiny. I started on the Lizard Ridge blanket from knitty:

This block used almost all of one skein of kureyon. I had a piece maybe a 1/2 yd long left. And I knit it on 7's, not 8's.

I promised a picture of the floats on the sweater, and here it is:

And here's the progress on the sweater. It's split for the front and back, and the back is almost done.

I'm looking forward to this weekend and all the girls coming over. :D


Kathy said...

Hey, where's all the orange on the blog?

I really like that blanket in Knitty, too. It's going to be gorgeous!

Brie said...

Oh, I like! And that sweater is really coming along, though it appears really washed out on my monitor. I like it much better in people.

Brie said...

Like it much better in PERSON

I think my brain is still lost. I must have placed in some wierd place in my kitchen when I misplaced everything else!

Alice H said...

I forgot we share a birthday. Happy birthday to you!

Karen said...

It all looks lovely. Glad you had a happy birthday.

Lisa said...

Very pretty---and the sweater is looking great!

Laura said...

I'm afraid that I've fallen under the charms of Lizard Ridge too. Do you think it's working better on the 7s? I'm envious of how tidy the inside of your sweater is. :)

Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

I like it on 7's. I couldn't find my 8's, and then i remembered they were holding the stitches for the FRONT of Ben's sweater. :D

The way I got the long floats to look neat (the non-twisted in ones) was that I put my thumb in on the 4-stitch floats. The shorter floats, I just shoved the stitches on my right needle over some (like when I cast-on) and knit looser.