Thursday, February 9

This blog is useless without pics!

So, I've been busy. Here's my Coronet and Danica... my stairs look like they're ready to go out, right?

Danica and Coronet

And I plied the purple silk that I spun last week at knit group. Mmm... purple silk.

The Purple Silk, Plied

Last night, I spun up some blue alpaca, and the rest of my purple silk, and wound them on the ballwinder. They're ready to be plied, maybe tonight.

Blue Alpaca, waiting to be Plied
Purple Silk, waiting to be Plied

Work has been awful. I've not had much time to knit, although I have finished 2 projects this year, and have another Danica on the needles that's almost done. Small projects, I know. But I don't really feel like starting a large project right now.

Tomorrow, I plan to dye some yarn, and to create some bags, and possibly an etsy store. Looking forward to working on stuff that isn't computer-related, and not thinking about work. :D


Leisel said...

imagine me and the rest of the KWA Ninja Knitting Posse sitting at the big rectangular tables in the slammer banging our spoons and forks on the table chanting:

Modelled shot! Modelled shot! Modelled shot!

Show us your pretty knits on you!

Crazy Colorado Knitter said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I can't allow my Rubenesque figure to be paraded around the internet. :P

Brie said...

Your stairs are quite handsome in their new hat and scarf. :) And the yarn is beautiful as well.