Saturday, February 25

So, I had a suprise for my knit group today...

No, it wasn't that I showed up early (although I did). I've been late the last couple of Saturdays, mostly because of dyeing or the aftermath of dyeing. No dyeing this week, though. I was out of yarn to dye. *sigh*

But I did work some this week on CrazyMonkey stuff. For starters, I made this beautiful spindle out of padauk and walnut (and brass 3/32" rod and 'zap it' cyanoacrylate glue). I think I surprised a few people because they thought Ben had turned the whorl. Nope! It was me! :)

See this pretty along with the other stuff I have at my etsy shop. If all goes well, Ben will replace the damaged drive belt tomorrow, and I will be able to finish turning the yellowheart pieces that I started tonight.

I brought my small swift and my ballwinder to knit group this week, and Brie got to wind all of her yarn that was in hanks. I kept looking at "my" yarn, and saying "Those are pretty colors." I said the same about MJ's socks that she was knitting from one of my yarns that she bought. I really don't plan to dye any specific color or pattern when I start dyeing, usually. I love to play with colors, and sometimes put colors together that I don't think will work, but they usually do.

It all makes me happy, though. Whether turning yellowheart or dyeing yarn, or making bags or quilts, or even spinning, it's all part of my drive to create. It's what makes me really happy.

Edit: The spindle sold! In record time! More to come, I'm sure. :)

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